Chapter IV – The Ambassador of the Other World

One kind sends its messenger;
Which assumes the role of
A dove; bringing the message of
Sincerity and Good-will —

Valev peered over the gigantic map spread over the sturdy table: behind him, the foremost golden rays of Dawn sneaked in from the full-length intricately-carved window; the light streaming in flanked by dark regal curtains.

He sighed and collapsed on the plush chair that stood adjoining the massive table. The task that had been given to him was daunting, hazardous. The unforeseen perils that lurked in the charted ink of the map glared at him: daring him to fall into their wily caprices and join those foolish buffoons who had unsuccessfully attempted to cause the downfall of Ruftstana.

Though, he was a buffoon: a rather jovial one at that – but this particular quality ended with his appearance. Boasting a massive paunch, infectious happiness it seemed was the only thing that ruled supreme in his expressions. Nature had given him such a jolly face, that one could feel the warmth that came of it. It was only in moments of solitude, the mask came off. The façade of the happy clown faded in shudder-evoking cruelty. The black eyes that twinkled in happiness twinkled alike in malice. Valev Soveryn was indeed a man to fear: as is every person who masters in the disguising the poison that runs underneath.

The choice of his appointment as the Ambassador of the Other World, to Ruftstana seemed perfect.


“For centuries past, humankind has whispered tales about us: stories about the monsters that lead an immortal life, that live closeted in coffins, that are warded off by garlic, that can transform into bats at will, that have no soul, no emotions, no mercy. But, my presence here in this gigantic hall, in front of you all, the representatives of the countries of the Other World – negates all these flimsy theories that you human beings create just to appease your imagination: for if there was even a shard of truth in them, you all would have been dead by now and I, after transforming into a bat, would have already left for the spiked coffin back in Ruftstana. [A nervous ripple of laughter from the audience]

Yes, those who still are uncertain as to who I am, then it is my duty to inform them that the one who now speaks (without baring fangs) is indeed a vampire, a certain Lord Neilson, that leads a certain Order of Aurora, in a certain country entirely inhabited by vampires, that goes by the name of Ruftstana. [A stunned silence]

Shocked, eh? But this is the truth. Ruftstana is the country of vampires, and to us, you all are the representatives of the Other World, the land lived in by human beings. For years we have remained hidden in the blankets of the mighty ocean that you nowadays call the Atlantic Ocean. How have we managed to do that? That is a long story which I need not trouble you with: now when you’re so astounded to hear about the existence of a vampire country. All you need to know is the fact that vampires do exist, and that they dwell in their own land: the land which had been veiled for all these centuries has finally risen from the murky depths of Atlantic. [General confusion: papers passed from one representative to another; intense whispering]

Neilson paused in his speech. The chilly pause, succeeded by a mute, dangerous look was enough to quiet the clamoring audience.

Neilson continued, as silence resumed its hold over the cavernous hall.

Being humans, it is natural for you to doubt, to question the existence of vampires: for that, I do not blame you. But the time is ripe, for human beings to finally realize that they are not the only creatures that inhabit this earth. It is unfortunate that your kind has painted nothing but a dreary picture of my creed. Either as blood-sucking monsters, that lust for human blood or as mysterious characters that fall in love with females of your kind. I should let you know that we are none, disregarding the isolated cases.

However, mind one thing, Ruftstana has not emerged to wage wars against your kind. Then what is the reason behind this sudden unveiling? The reason is simple. We can no longer live in hiding. The Earth is not for humans alone to live. We reserve the right to live freely.

We maybe superior to your kind, but many similarities do run between us – whether you will allow petty myths to intervene is for you to choose.

So I, Lord Neilson of the Order of Aurora, a spokesperson from Ruftstana, bring the message of peace. It is but only obsolete tales that separate us.

It is upon you now, the representatives of the Other World, what you do to bridge this gap and recognize our existence.

Thank you for your time.

You may ask questions now.

[A hundred hands rise]



Soveryn still remembered the glib, immaculately dressed vampire very well: even though six years had passed since the day Ruftstana had ascended from the nadirs of the Atlantic and Lord Neilson had appeared to address the World General Council’s 10th convention.

He had watched the entire proceedings from one of the decorated balconies of the WGC Hall, reserved for guests other than the representatives.  Every word that the vampire had smoothly uttered was securely etched across his brain.

He knew he would need all the information to embark on the ambitious commission that had been handed to him.

And, he knew he still fostered the hope to meet that haunting, fluent vampire again.


But behind that happy façade
Of the dove —
Lays one undeniable truth:
Humans are nothing but
fickle creatures.


3 thoughts on “Chapter IV – The Ambassador of the Other World

  1. Hira says:

    ‘indeed a man to fear: as is every person who masters in the disguising the poison that runs underneath.’
    beautiful line.
    and d post z awsum.luvd it. imagine it happening in real. a person announcing d existance ov mythical creatures in a summit or sumat :p
    and it is very well written u were worried 4 no reason :p
    i also loved the end.
    But behind that happy façade
    Of the dove –
    Lays one undeniable truth:
    Humans are nothing but
    fickle creatures.
    again very beautful and a sad truth.
    i think i dun need 2 add ‘finally’ 2 dis :p nxt tym plz update sooner! =)

    • Anas Shafqat says:

      Thank you very much 😀
      Seriously, thank you. :’D This means alot to me 🙂

      And InshAllah I’d try to update sooner 🙂

  2. Hira says:

    no need 2 thank me :p i shud b d 1 doing dat u finally updated!! :p
    and IA i m hoping 4 dat 2 =)

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