The Fate of the Puppeteer

He was a puppeteer and a master one at that. A tweak, a whirl, a dance – and his puppets would come to life.

Some people called him a magician, for he did create a surreal reality: a world inhabited by his obedient puppets, a farce dressed up as the truth. Some called him a mean trickster, for he deceived people with his delightful delusions: a world founded upon control and manipulation, a farce dressed up as truth. Some considered him nothing but a fraud: build as he did a world without any figment of reality.

He was a virtuoso – so he used all ten fingers.

Uno, deception.

Dos, feigned innocence.

Tres, felinity.

Cuatro, shrewdness.

Cinco, slyness.

Seis, control.

Seite, manipulation.

Ocho, intelligence.

Nueve, cold.

Deiz, malice.

His theatrics were an art, his fingers at work fascinating to watch.

He started off with the first two fingers and constructed a scenario. Third, fourth and fifth fingers soon came into action and developed the plot. Then, sixth, seventh and eighth fingers handled and maneuvered the characters. Ninth and tenth fingers completed the show with a diabolic touch.

What plots he spun! How characters he swayed! What conclusions he weaved! What menaces he brewed!

So, for many, many years, did the puppeteer spellbound audiences – until the day he lay on his death bed.

And, despite his webs, his mesmerizing illusions, none was there to hold his hand.

For his fingers worked no more.


Inspired by Skins – Season 1, Episode 5: Sid.


7 thoughts on “The Fate of the Puppeteer

  1. Hijab says:

    Awesome :O Masha Allah. Epic he \o/ Cool

  2. Hira says:

    u expressed u beautifully, the art ov the puppet master. it ws mesmerising!
    especially d part whr all 10 fingers signify a part ov d act. really beautiful.

  3. hiranazir says:

    This is very well executed. Really awesome.

  4. Furree Katt says:

    Anas, don’t mind, but you need to find a larger and more intellectual audience who will really appreciate your wonderful writing rather than pass generic comments. I loved everything about this post, I read it twice over. It seemed like you used the puppeteer as a metaphor for something much larger which is a part of all our lives. I especially loved how each finger was designed to create a personality trait. The ending was awesome, yet sad. I would like to hold his hand.


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