Of dramatic endings and insomnia

I have been told I like rounding up my write-ups with a nice dose of tragedy.

It is 3 in morning and I am all geared up for an investigation into the darkest recesses of my blog archives (read: lot of exaggeration).

2009 – One suicide bomber (read: death),  children sold by a wretched father, a child murdering his parents for attention, a murderous clown, riots and bloodshed inspired by them, one died a gruesome death from cancer.

2010 – A child who overdosed on knowledge and ended up in an asylum, more memories about riots, life in a war zone, a father dropping his newborn baby from the top of a roof.

2011 – This year’s write-ups surprisingly have no horrible endings.

2012 – There are deaths, yes – but not so dramatic.

So, have I become mellower with time?

Or is it just that the drama of a shuddersome end doesn’t appeal to me any more?

I just hope it is the latter.

I like to believe I’m a cheerful person.

… or you know, maybe, I took this learning lesson to heart and hence, filtered out all the drama (found this while I was googling for an image for this post):


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8 thoughts on “Of dramatic endings and insomnia

  1. Hira says:

    lol wow yea come to think of it i hadnt realized that :p
    well whatever d reason for toning down on death scenes atleast this way you’ll leave ur readers in a cheerful mood :p
    who knows maybe that in itself will make u cheerful too?

    • Anas Shafqat says:

      You were the one who told me I always end morbidly 😉
      And good point. But I don’t think writing cheerful stuff would make me happy. Just writing is enough 🙂

      • Hira says:

        there is nothin wrng wid morbid endings u knw :p if u wna write em den go write ahead. =)
        well wat matters is wat makes u happy. thr wud b no fylings in ur write ups if u din keep dat in mind dats wat makes ur posts unique u express ur preception.
        alotta ppl will commnt alota things but b sure to ur style kay? :p

  2. muhammad muneeb says:

    or maybe its bcuz of the positive influence I have on you :p

  3. Furree Katt says:

    You should write whatever you are comfortable with, regardless of how morbid and dark it is. Who cares if you’re cheerful or not? Unless of course, you really like this change.

    • Anas Shafqat says:

      True that. I still do write dark stuff – but, this post is just an observation as to how my writing style has changed. That it has become tamer with time.

  4. Dev!l says:

    I’m so proud of you! =p Come to the dark side! We offer free cookies!:P

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