Unrequited Love

It is said that when raindrops fall from the skies and the harsh grounds soften, wings sprout from ants’ tiny  black backs so that they may soar towards light and, futilely, attempt to appease their unrequited love …

Oh, how they croon and whisper and dance around the light! Oh, how they admire and cherish and worship light!

Such fascination. Such absolute devotion. Such intractable attraction.

And, so till matutine, till the very first stroke of dawn, they become slaves to light; all time knowing that with the very same light, their fragile wings would crumple and they would come to rest – yet, they persist, yet they linger – until death comes for them.

…. and so no wonder are they perfect embodiments of the concept of fanaa … destructing their existence, as they do, in the pursuit of a unbeholden love.

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24 thoughts on “Unrequited Love

  1. I know I am missing something in the translation or meaning of fanaa… help me out?

  2. Hira says:

    i dont really like feeling sorry for winged insects :p but this was touchingly sad. more so cause its true perhaps.

  3. mahlaqa says:

    these are moths to fire, the self realized martyrs of love, if humans they are still moths, if moths they are still a lesson for humans. Rabia Al Basri, Hussein Mansoor, and all others were moths..too superior to have lived here and beyond for an unrequited love.

    it is unrequited love alone that makes u realize love.. Good going Bro. u made me remind my own post by the same name..we are sharing a legacy i guess 🙂

  4. doctorbride says:

    Mesmerizing piece of work anas,I forgot to breath for a few seconds 🙂 wonderfully imaginative,beautifully eloquent 🙂

  5. Asma says:

    wow what an imagination:) beautiful as always:))

  6. Muhammad faisal says:

    Unrequited love means you love someone you can NEVER possibly have.

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