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Weddings and fanfictions

I have two ominous tasks ahead of me.

1) To finally upload my beyblade fan-fiction at

2) To somehow go through my sister’s wedding scheduled to take place in the end of December.

The former sounds a lot easier than it actually is. The fan-fiction that I arduously wrote over the course of three years in a community at Orkut spans over some 43 chapters and one epilogue. In my laziness, I never troubled to put it up at – however, as I went through it again today; I was amazed. I had put together some epic shit and it truly deserves to be read by more people!

So, I hope to start working on streamlining the first few chapters and start uploading it on as soon as possible!

As for the latter task, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m actually scared. You know, the weird, desperate hollow feeling you get in the very pit of your stomach  once you realize that the person you are really attached to is about to leave, to tread on a path that is different from yours.

It isn’t as if I never knew this day would come soon. I’m not naive.

Just a loving brother, whose heart aches at the parting; yet at the same time, admonishes himself over his selfishness.

13 days are left to the wedding and I hope to make them the best my sister has ever had!

Wish me luck.

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The tagline of my blog makes me cringe. Yes, it does.

Get Enlightened? Seriously?

Absurd as it is, it still gleams with the pitiful shards of the grandiose dreams of fame that I had lovingly contrived in my foolish head when I had started blogging. Dreams, that made me buff my chest in pride whenever I mentioned to someone that I “blogged”; dreams, that made me certain of the fact that my words had the power to “enlighten” people; dreams, that slowly churned and distorted me into something that I was not.

And, now as I prepare myself to finally shake off this unseemly farce, I realize what I stumbled upon while fighting against the grip of the writer’s block.


Yes. The tagline that once represented my desire to enlighten now depicts nothing but a flimsy canvas of a degenerated desire.

I posed. I assumed. I waited.

There was no fame coming. Never was there any fame coming.

I had forgotten, in the frenzy of checking out the views that my blog garnered and the comments it received, why I actually had started blogging.

I had started blogging so that I could WRITE.

Write, and bask in the pleasure of doing so.

It is sad that somewhere, at the very start, I forgot this very crucial thing.

However, as clichéd as this may sound, but isn’t there a saying better late than never?

Yes, in a few days the cringe-inducing tagline would be kicked out and with it, the dark trappings that encase Lambros – change is coming, folks!

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