Doctors are (not) monsters!

This is a really old post that I had intended to put up at Static, however since my post was not quite so diplomatic – it was never put up. I’m putting this up here now because the sheer inactivity of my personal blog saddens me … so here you go!

Even with my extremely weak English skills and IQ level, I have managed to grasp the gist of what Awais Kaleem writes in his article and this gist is equivalent to nothing but three words: doctors are monsters. As much as my erratic mind would like to point out that the author must have some deep grudge against the doctor community to write such a disgustingly, biased article, I would desist. However, I would be quite happy to reply to some of the meretricious statements that author has so cleverly made about the doctor community – so let us begin with the dissection.

Firstly, the naiveté of the author surprises me. Does he think that the doctors would have been successful to get the much-needed pay rise if they would have not resorted to closing the OPD for some 35 days? Also, closing down the OPD, pretty much seems to me as a last resort, that is, after all peaceful measures had been attempted and declared futile. Does that mean doctors aren’t even eligible for a benefit of doubt?

Secondly, when the author so merrily denies the right to protest to doctors, I can not see who gave him the divine right to question somebody else’s choice of profession. He needs to correct his impressions about doctors claiming divinity, because, sadly (much to the author’s dismay) they never laid any claim to it – if they are revered as gods by the patient, that is something they can not do much about. The author also needs to know that the doctors are well-aware of their duties and they wonder what made the author think that doctors beg for respect or drool for fame – because they do neither; if they garner any fame or respect, then it is purely upon the basis of the fact that they can actually save a person’s life.

Thirdly, it is sad that the author is leaguing the doctor community with the politicians. I literally snorted when I read this line:

“From the way you and rest of the government and politicians are behaving these days, believe you me that we sure as hell are going to die anyway.”

Seriously? I really hope that the doctor who usually treats the author’s ailments does not see this statement. Ahem.

Fourthly, the following author’s words left me gaping at the screen:

As far as your problems are concerned; long late hours duties, low salary, hospitals under staffed. For these my dear fellows, didn’t you know this all when you were enrolling yourself in a medical degree institute? If not then what were you thinking back then? Seriously! This was clearly an obvious disaster for you. Either you know the answer to this question or we really are doomed to have such stupid and hypocrite doctors in our society. I would assure the author that doctors know all before they venture into this profession.

Just because these doctors attempted to change the fact that, after drudging for years on medical minutiae and trying to save as many as lives as they could, all they got was a paltry salary of Rs 22,000 – they become stupid and hypocrite?

Fifthly, about the bus strike example – ‘a big financial hole in transport department’s budget’ part is enough to disillusion the readers. Thank you.

Sixthly, it is strange that after rambling on for so long, the author failed to provide us with a better way in which the strike could have been staged. (Some would say that he must not be having any, but I would desist and remain silent.)

I would conclude by pointing out what the author has done clearly shows the plague that is slowly gripping our nation in its clutches. Blaming and criticizing has become something of a second nature for Pakistanis; we never troubling once to perceive the other side of the coin. Our vision has become so frightfully myopic that whatever comes on the idiot box is what we take for the truth: which happens to be nothing but a twisted version of it. So, people, please give a moment of thought to both sides of the coin and then build your perceptions on the choice you make!

P.S. The author should know that although as per him, doctors are stupid, deceiving and attention-seeking – no doctor is that stupid to actually hurt a patient because of his article. Thank you.

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7 thoughts on “Doctors are (not) monsters!

  1. Hira says:

    u cud write a small article abt d point u made at d end for static. abt critisizing becuming 2nd nature dats sumat i hav noticed aswell.
    as for the article i havnt reli read the other 1 (not in the mood to look at d othr side ov d coin atm :p) but yea if d author really said things like docs claiming to be gods n such den d article is obv biased. way to defend ur profession =) keep it up n yea ur blog has bcum 2 inactive try more updates =)

  2. Asma says:

    upload it on dastatic….voicing your opinion is not a crime:/

  3. u know who! says:

    Hahaha…. Dude… Seriously? =D

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