How I wish the world will be in 100 years – #11Elevenlive

Sorry, it is a bit askew!

A barren, tree-stripped landscape, void of any color, charm and beauty and filled to the brim with hatred, filth and moral disease always greets our imagination whence our thoughts wander off to the time when the world would have added another hundred years to its not-altogether modest age. However, terrible the vision of the inevitable future, my imagination conjures up in my mind – I refuse to believe in it. For how I wish the world to be in 100 years, is just concentrated around four letters, making up a terse, beautiful word, that is; h-o-p-e.

Yes, that is how I wish the world to be in 100 years: to be encapsulated inΒ  a hope, that is unfettered and far removed from any fickleness or foolishness; a hope that does not deceive but elevate; a hope that breathes in vitality into every soul which it happens to touch. For hope is that incredible virtue, which even transcends above the human populace and is immersed in nature as much as in humans: like the winter’s gloom which declines with the hope that spring’s gaiety would take its place, like the autumn’s leaf which sheds with the hope that the summer’s foliage would take its place, like the ebbing sea’s wave which retreats with the hope that it would strike the shore again.

This hope would come in the times of war, and lighten suffering hearts and compel them to look forward to times of peace and prosperity. This hope would arise in the blood of all races and attempt to weave a strong bond of similarities out of the frayed threads of differences. This hope would awaken in the bosoms of the followers of all religions and gush forth to quail fanaticism and intolerance into altruism and compassion. This hope would dispel all the blinding negativity that silently oozes to divide the world and rush in to strictly bind the entire globe together.

However, when this hope would be attempting to block the collective avalanches of mistrust and antipathy, meanwhile it would also take care to not miss the individual crevices of hopelessness that appear on the glacial surface and seek only to crack it.

And so, for instance,Β  it would come to the cancer patient and assure him that one day the complete cure to his disease would be discovered; then to the scientist and buoy him to work harder on discovering a complete cure for cancer; and then to the family of the cancer patient and calm their fears of losing their beloved; and then to those who tend to the cancer patient and wish to alleviate his suffering. Yes, it would come to close all the sneaking crevices of anguish into a sleek surface devoid of any suffering and pain.

Thus, this is how I wish the world to be in 100 years; when it would be purely centered around hope and faith, beauty and peace would stem from it.


6 thoughts on “How I wish the world will be in 100 years – #11Elevenlive

  1. Hira says:

    a beautiful idea. this post in itself portrays the hope u carry within. luvd d part abt nature esp the sea one!
    thou sadly d way things are going this doesnt reli seem possible. wish it were thou!

  2. lilith says:

    cute article. πŸ˜€

  3. Roomi Tarik says:

    This is awesome! πŸ˜€

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