Second step towards shunning writer’s block: Unkinking my thoughts!

It is not always easy to take the first step (which  I did), but it is sad, when even upon taking a step in the positive direction you find yourself still in the clutches of an effing writer’s block. Floundering, fumbling through the confines of a irksome block, heralding my hesitating fingers over the dusty keys and unraveling the general confusion prevalent in my mind at the moment – I am finally attempting the second step.

With the first step, I had attempted to break the resistance my mind offered to against writing; but the time I have taken with the second step, clearly exhibits that resistance yet lingers and that it would take more than a random post to escape the fetid grasp of the block. So the second step is all about stretching my kinked thoughts into smooth perfection.

To write something, a writer needs clear and transparent thoughts; thoughts that are free of turbulence of all kinds (something that I have been really struggling with), because when the writer does not know what to write about, it is quite obvious that he wouldn’t be writing anything at all. I believe my thoughts are experiencing a similar upheaval – scattered, divergent, my thoughts seem to be in a constant Brownian motion; colliding with one another, playfully zig-zagging around but failing to hit the “inspiration center” of my brain (if there exists any).

This chaos of mind has some other subtle side effects as well, other than aiding a pilfering writer’s block.

a) Simple solutions never occur to you; whatever you come up with is convoluted and complex.

Problem: To escort an elderly lady to her car, amid the rain.

Situation: Her car is in the porch. The car you’ve to go in is at the end of street, a huge quivering stream of accumulated rainwater separates the porch and the area where your car waits. Both cars are headed towards the same place.

Solution 1 (This is what I proposed) : Escort the lady to her car in porch, then pick a painstaking path across the rainwater, jumping from one erratic stone to another and finally reach my car.

Solution 2: Just get your car into porch as well.

No wonder, the latter was put into action.

(Yes, this actually happened to me)

b) You tend to stray away from a course of thought, which in the prevailing circumstances, you need to follow.

Situation: A scene from university library, two days before a major test.

A friend (nudging): Are you even studying?

Me (drooling over the pencil): No.


c) You end posts abruptly.


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9 thoughts on “Second step towards shunning writer’s block: Unkinking my thoughts!

  1. Hira says:

    acha khasa toh likh rahe ho!
    i like d ending :p

  2. Hira says:

    but u r writing sumat :p

  3. mahlaqa says:

    ok.. no need to feel frustrated. writers block ko duur karney k yehi tips hain that u start writing regularly. even if it is a daily life kinda post write it with panache n ur own distinct style. u may try ur hands at poetry too. n well any incidence may trigger a write up if u give it a thought. 🙂

  4. Asma says:

    XD @ your post ends abruptly…good luck…

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