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First step towards shunning writer’s block!

This is what I've been going through lately!

Getting over a writer’s block is somewhat strenuous: words are hard to come by and each thought has to be squeezed out with difficulty. And, for someone who loves to write, a writer’s block is enough to deaden the spirit – you feel jaded, exhausted all the time. You stumble with words; your articulacy is lost. You keep typing words – but the moment you’ve typed them, your hands hits backspace and bham! the empty white screen again flashes into your eyes.

But, I’m tired now. Tired of sitting before a blank screen, wondering what to write. This has to end. I cannot let myself debilitate and fall apart in such a manner. I cannot let myself rust in the wait for some inspiration and surrender my spirit to a verdigris most intent upon damaging it.

So, yeah … I’m writing again.

No fancy thoughts are occurring to me at the moment, so I guess writing about random stuff is enough to overcome the hold that this repulsive block exerts over me.

This month has been pretty much eventful for me. What with my birthday, Ramadhan, different online projects and university – these all kind of snowballed and resulted in what little inspiration that has incited me to write this post.

Birthdays are meant to be special; and mine was special too. My birthday started off at midnight with a horde of calls and loads of text messages from my close friends and of course, delightful family wishes but what followed it was the most awesome birthday beginning I have ever had: my sisters had staged a “birthday present hunt” and soon I was running through the entire house, searching for clues and then subsequently, gifts. The entire thing was very much unexpected and the birthday present chase was an amazing, novel experience!

These were the gifts (with their clues) that I found:

The first gift and clue

The second book and clue

The third book and last clue

The Gifts 🙂

But the surprises didn’t end here. One of my sisters had also written a beautiful note for me at Facebook – I’d add some excerpts from it here –

As you know very well ami was hospitalized prior your birth which for me meant regular burgers from Mr burger, daily shopping from toys and books shop and the joy of having a “LEETEL BROTHER” soon. I remember the day very well when the most awaited baby of the family was born, when you were born. On the morning of 18th of august 1992 (though I don’t remember the time), ami gave birth to a tiny, pink and soft thing. I was there when the nurse handed you over to ami jaan and ami jaan showed you to me. I was happy and somewhat astonished to see that my little brother was really little. I remember touching your tiny hands, your tiny feet and kissing your forehead. They broke a coconut behind my back because I was the proud (and lucky) sister after whom you were born.

Your hugs are source of comfort for me (sometimes a bit annoying too), your jokes bring a laughter on my face no matter how lousy my mood is, your best of luck messages before exams made me feel that I know it all, your last minute exam preparations always amuse me, your achievements  always make me proud, your loving and caring nature soften those around you, your generosity made us all rich, your leadership qualities impress those around you, your anger frightens us all, your cleanliness pleases ami and your love for us makes us love u more.

The day at university was awesome as well – my friends had made a “board post” for me, which though was quite simple, was special in its rendering!

The "Board Post"

It surely was one hell of a day! 😀

Anyway, I would end this “taking-a-first-step-towards -recovery-from-writer’s-block” with some pictures that I captured of the rainy weather yesterday 🙂

And, Eid Mubarak to all 🙂 Have a blessed Eid everybody!

Adios, people! 🙂

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