Facing the enemy: Biochemistry

The Chatterjee Monster mocks the author

After three days of battling with the enemy, i.e. Biochemistry – we’re at a deadlock. A most stubborn, tedious deadlock.

And, sadly the slate of my mind is still blank. It is rather sad that after laboring through the damned subject with a tremendous amount of concentration, a thousands of mitochondria worth energy – I’ve managed to retain nothing at all. Whatever happens to linger, is jumbled up in a mess of carbonyls and amides.

With love, Chatterjee's Textbook of Biochemistry.

So, the whole point of making this post at this god-forsaken hour is to inform the general public, that I extremely, incessantly, HATE Biochemistry. Yes, with all its mind-boggling structures, annoying clinical importance and irksome vague information – I HATE IT!

And I’ve solid reasons to hate, abhor it.

Following are the widely-felt symptoms of this villainous subject –

Symptoms of Biochemistry Syndrome:

a) It leaves one hazy and disorientated. (Yes, ever since I’ve opened the Chatterjee Monster, I’m having difficulty understanding perfectly normal things. For instance; during the boiling of egg, why do the normal conformation of proteins change into a disorganized mass of polypeptides?) <— Yes, I know O.o

b) It has the tendency to induce short-term memory loss. (I  go over a few pages, but after sometime find myself wondering about what actually I remember from it. Most of the time, it’s zero :|)

A structure destined to be forgotten

c) It prompts a constant feeling of nausea and depression. [Yes, you get nausea after one hour of ratafication – and depression when you can’t recall anything. 😥 ]

I could ramble on and on about why exactly I hate this subject … but the clock is ticking.

And sleep is hitting on fast; and tomorrow there are more battles to win.


Adios, people.


46 thoughts on “Facing the enemy: Biochemistry

  1. Hira says:

    din understnd ne ov d medical terms bt d idea of hw its wirtten z very creatv and d symptmz were hilarious :p

  2. LVII says:

    You effeing spoke my HEART outt kiddo… Biochem.. :@

  3. Bahadur says:

    yOu have expressed what the feelings of almost all of Medical Studnts is, especially regarding this biochemistry monster.. ^(‘_’)^

    • Anas Shafqat says:

      It all started with the cartoon 😛 After that, I had this sudden urge to proclaim my hate for this annoying subject :/

  4. Bahadur says:

    yOu have expressed what the feelings of almost all of Medical Studnts are, especially regarding this biochemistry monster.. ^(‘_’)^

  5. sanjay says:

    yeah bro u expressed our pains 😦

  6. mahlaqa says:

    lol i have also always hated biochem.. fazuuuull subject hai.. dry n all. so not cool 🙂

  7. mahlaqa says:

    oh leh…. lolz no not a med student.. i m a phd student :). n yes i did study it as a science subject at our college for like ONE WHOLE YEAR :X so not romantic.. 😦

  8. mahlaqa says:

    hain wats so awesome man?? just another parchment of paper called a degree 😀 chorro fazul hai sab..

  9. Asma says:

    hilarious….but before going into med school every one says bus aik baar admission ho jaai kisitarah and after that….:D
    Anyhow the course you guys read and the skill you people possess is the very reason we respect you:)

  10. mahlaqa says:

    hey three days to go for exams or two may be… very best of luck there for ur sweeping victory IA 🙂

  11. Hiba says:

    Biochemistry !!! ewwwwww I haven’t even read it yet & I have already started hating it …
    Thanks for the warning, I think I’ll give doing Medical a second thought !!! lol

  12. Asma says:

    O.O I don’t lnow what I’m gonna do…next wednesday I’m going to have my final biology BOARD exam and here I don’t even know this simple thing:( (along with many others:P)
    OMG if YOU couldn’t get admission in aku then i think i won’t be able to land in islamia med-college even!!!ever heard of it??never did i 😛
    any tips for exams???I’m soooo doomed:(

    • Anas Shafqat says:

      There is still time 🙂 A week. You can concentrate with all your might; and remember, number of hours you put into study doesn’t matter, rather the amount of material you retain even in a short period of time 🙂 I always used to study in the last days ;p That worked well for me.

      Lol, why so surprised about me not getting it into AKU? 😛

      And, yes DON’T PANIC 🙂 That is the golden rule of last minute studiers. If you panic, you’ll only waste time and not get anything done. Also be clear about what you have to do on a particular day. You have about a week left, so make most of the time 🙂

      • Hiba says:

        Hahaha !!! I’m so scared …………. In matric I always used to start my prep the day before the exam & i got 94% …….. but now I dont even know myself anymore ;))

        so much for AKU :((((((((( *beganne ka khuwab* 😥

      • Asma says:

        THANKS ALOT:) I hope I do well:)
        and hello there!!! You’re one of those 6 people whom i think are the most educated ones I’ve met in 17 years…so im more than just surprisdO.O…and good luck with biochem and all future endeavours:)

        • Anas Shafqat says:

          InshAllah you’d do well 🙂

          And, that is a very big compliment. I’m humbled 🙂 Thank you 🙂

    • Hiba says:

      I’m with you ………… like always

  13. Hiba says:

    ^^^^^^ @ asma

  14. Pirbhat Shams Memon says:

    heya just signed up:)
    i think here only 1 can understand you since am your uni mate:P

    SUPERBBBBBBBBBBB:))))…biochemistry deserves it:D

    • Anas Shafqat says:

      Haha, true 😀 But biochemistry is a misery that everybody understands 😀
      And thanks 😀 and it does!

  15. Asif says:

    Hahaha! Wow, its that hard? Didnt know. And man, those weird ass scientific names in your index are sort of freaking me out. Since im a science student too. O_o…

    • Anas Shafqat says:

      Yep, it is that hard. Of course, I was exaggerating a bit :p But nonetheless it IS hard.
      Lol, don’t worry. Every profession has some difficult subject. Biochemistry happens to be of MBBS 🙂

  16. eva626 says:

    looks and sounds tough! i will be taking it in a few months …now i am terrified

    • Anas Shafqat says:

      Don’t be. I exaggerated it a bit :p Though, it is tough – but it can be tackled with when you work hard 🙂
      Are you a medical student as well?

  17. hahaha Medical students always have a valid reason t cry. poor guys!

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