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Facing the enemy: Biochemistry

The Chatterjee Monster mocks the author

After three days of battling with the enemy, i.e. Biochemistry – we’re at a deadlock. A most stubborn, tedious deadlock.

And, sadly the slate of my mind is still blank. It is rather sad that after laboring through the damned subject with a tremendous amount of concentration, a thousands of mitochondria worth energy – I’ve managed to retain nothing at all. Whatever happens to linger, is jumbled up in a mess of carbonyls and amides.

With love, Chatterjee's Textbook of Biochemistry.

So, the whole point of making this post at this god-forsaken hour is to inform the general public, that I extremely, incessantly, HATE Biochemistry. Yes, with all its mind-boggling structures, annoying clinical importance and irksome vague information – I HATE IT!

And I’ve solid reasons to hate, abhor it.

Following are the widely-felt symptoms of this villainous subject –

Symptoms of Biochemistry Syndrome:

a) It leaves one hazy and disorientated. (Yes, ever since I’ve opened the Chatterjee Monster, I’m having difficulty understanding perfectly normal things. For instance; during the boiling of egg, why do the normal conformation of proteins change into a disorganized mass of polypeptides?) <— Yes, I know O.o

b) It has the tendency to induce short-term memory loss. (I  go over a few pages, but after sometime find myself wondering about what actually I remember from it. Most of the time, it’s zero :|)

A structure destined to be forgotten

c) It prompts a constant feeling of nausea and depression. [Yes, you get nausea after one hour of ratafication – and depression when you can’t recall anything. 😥 ]

I could ramble on and on about why exactly I hate this subject … but the clock is ticking.

And sleep is hitting on fast; and tomorrow there are more battles to win.


Adios, people.



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