Opening confrontation with blood

29th December ’10

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I’m a first year student – a newborn in the world of medicine. From the complexities of control mechanisms of the body to the mind-boggling biochemical garble to the vivid intricacies of human body to the scintillating art of living tissue to the transition of a mere cell into a balking neonate – I have to learn all, so someday when I’m wise enough, I could heal with no hesitation.

The first hurdle that is to be passed in this process of learning is none other than blood: the red water that is the basic living component of human body.

The first practical in Physiology, the study of functions of body, was blood sampling by pricking method and venous sampling method. Students at random were called out to the front so that methods could be demonstrated on them for all to see; we huddled around the selected ones and watched in trepidation.

The first guy, who was having his finger pricked for blood, was hailed with cries of “Khoon! Murder!” by the apprehensive students – lots of laughter – but I believe it was just an attempt to lessen our fears of the red substance.

However, it was strange to find that when blood was drawn out – I did not feel squeamish or nauseous or frightened. If there was any fear, lurking in the sub-conscious, it was dispelled.

I guess this is how it works: we are confronted with blood early to harness resilience for future purposes – and, of course, so that we may learn how to draw blood with an actual patient without fumbling and blubbering.

Next week students would be divided in pairs so that we may practice on each other.

I hope I don’t puncture any vein. *Fingers crossed*


Originally intended to be published on 29th December ’10, but as with the previous post couldn’t publish due to net problems.

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13 thoughts on “Opening confrontation with blood

  1. awww nice 🙂 i hope u won’t. i hate da particular sight of blood anas 😦
    *regards wala portion per dant na nikalna* 😛

    • Anas Shafqat says:

      That’s sad. But don’t worry 🙂 Allah na karay tumhe blood dekhna pare kabhi 🙂
      And lol, why would I? 😛 It’s a beginning 😛 And I don’t mind you starting from me 😛

  2. Hira says:

    gud luck!!!

  3. Dev!l says:

    XD long time since i checked a blog, any for that matter:P so now i have a question, Why is ur blog private?:P
    second que xD why are u always such a scared cat -.-
    thirdly a well “me” type comment 😛 u wont screw up, wanna know why?:P
    P.S if u really wana know ask in private cuz u dun want me to type the reason here XD =D

  4. Anas Shafqat says:

    a) It is private because it was under construction 😛
    b) Question unworthy of any response 😛
    c) Haha, I don’t wana know. Keep it to yourself ;P knowing you, you’d tell me anyway :p

  5. Dev!l says:

    Ah but young one the question i s do you want me to tell you here or in private xD:P

  6. mahlaqa says:

    blood eewww… well med student thing is def difficult, n hey dont get the wrong vein punctured.. :S

  7. […] Five years back, at the very start of med school, I had decided to chronicle my days of undergraduate life on this blog – I had recently read Erich Segal’s Doctors – and I was very motivated. Consistent with my personality (and sheer laziness), this motivation did not last beyond two days (can be found here and here.) […]

  8. emphadiate says:

    *pinches your cheeks*

    I remember this moment in my past too! Lol. 😀

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