First day at LUMHS: Origin of a new fear

28th December ’10

Suddenly, long bone became long not because it was long, just that it had a shaft and two ends. Suddenly, small bone became small not because it was small, just that it didn’t have a shaft and two ends.

First day at university was foremost in shattering these pre-conceived ideas; one could feel overwhelmed by this scattering of ideas – however, it was strangely exhilarating: this deviation from the normal course of our thinking.

Because not all are privileged to comprehend the true workings of human body; this exclusive privilege lies solely with those who toil hard on medical minutiae.

And this feeling, though elating, is also the origin: of a new deep-rooted fear – that when we indulge this knowledge, one day we would be also expected to use it. And, when time comes to employ this knowledge, the question arises – what if I could not fulfill the absolute trust put into my skill by the vulnerable patient?
Frightening as the thought is, there is one bright aspect of it all.
It would be a few years before I treat actual patients. And, hopefully I could amass enough knowledge by then.


Originally intended to be published on 28th December ’10, but due to some net problems, I was unable to do so.

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6 thoughts on “First day at LUMHS: Origin of a new fear

  1. Hira says:

    dun wry u’ll do gr8. jus stay tru 2 ur professoin n nt becum wat most docs hea becum – inhumane.

  2. happyhealer says:

    A fear known to many of us doctors on beginning med school…beautifully expressed..thumbs-up 🙂

  3. […] my personality (and sheer laziness), this motivation did not last beyond two days (can be found here and […]

  4. emphadiate says:

    Yaaaar. This is so cutie patootie.

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