Beginning always has an End

Bloom does the scintillating flower from the lackluster bud;

Only to wither and fade into a mass of broken petals.


Rise does the smoldering sun from the gray horizons;

Only to sink back once again into the vale of darkness.


Emerge does the frail butterfly from the dreary cocoon;

Only to crumple pitifully in the embrace of death.


Flow does the frolicking river from the mountain-gully;

Only to lose its existence in the forceful waves of sea.


Grow does the rich-canopied tree from the gloomy seed;

Only to be stripped bare with the arrival of autumn.


Gather do the rapturous clouds from the wisps of vapor;

Only to pour rains and disperse into nothingness.


And, raise does the stolid man from the bawling new-born;

Only to live a fleeting life and finish off in a wooden vault.



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17 thoughts on “Beginning always has an End

  1. Hira says:

    very tru n kinda depressing. bt its reality.

  2. LVII says:

    Honey, there’s lots of time and space involved between the beginning and the end. Try exploring that; the meaning and reason to that, and you’d find what you thought of reality is merely an incomplete notion. 🙂

  3. Anas Shafqat says:

    I think you got the wrong notion. What these lines implicate is that every beginning has an end; irrespective of the time period. And the fact that everything has to deteriorate or fade or become non-existent is something that I classify as reality.

  4. LVII says:

    Well, I think you’ve got the wrong notion that I’ve got the wrong notion.

    //Bloom does the scintillating flower from the lackluster bud;
    Only to wither and fade into a mass of broken petals.//

    Take these lines for instance, the word ONLY only suggests that the scintillating flower blooms from the lack lustered bud ONLY to wither and fade into a mass of broken petals. Well, is that true? Not entirely. This poem is depressing in the sense that it suggests that there is no meaning to anything that happens as in the end it becomes non-existent. I never said I disagree with the fact that everything has to deteriorate but I also am unable to understand that that remains the ONLY purpose of something’s existence.

    Again I never said you HAD the ‘wrong’ notion. I said an ‘incomplete’ one, mind you.

  5. Anas Shafqat says:

    LVII – There are always different aspects to different things – like many facets of a diamond. I’ve tried to compass one aspect of it in these lines – that is, the fact that everything has eventually an end. Yes, it may seem “incomplete” to you; but it was never written to suggest the purpose or meaning of anything … it was only written in an attempt to underline the basic reality of life – that what begins always ends.

  6. LVII says:

    In other words you agreed with me or if I say I agree with you, then that won’t be wrong either. Same thing, different perspective. Interesting isn’t it the way we look at things.

  7. Anas Shafqat says:

    Yes, it is interesting .. And seriously, life would be very monotonous and dull, if we all see in the same perspective.

  8. Hira says:

    hw did i miss such an interesting debate o.o hw cum i wasnt notified o.o

  9. Hira says:

    i hav suscribd dat dats y i m asking y din i get notified o.O

    • Anas Shafqat says:

      Now I come to think of it, you should get only the notifications when I upload a new post. Not when I comment on some post.

  10. Hira says:

    nopes i used 2 get posts notification aswell n nw m getin em again!

    • Anas Shafqat says:

      If you’ve to subscribe to the comments feed of a particular post, there is an option below the comment box. If you subscribe to that, you would be receiving notifications about comments as well :]

  11. Hira says:

    i knw i alwaz do dat. i did it dat othr tym aswell bt no gud n nw its wrking.

  12. Anas Shafqat says:

    Well it’s working now .. so gud :]

  13. Hira says:

    yupo. :p

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