“Government institutions are better than Private institutions!”

Every man upon every question must show his oratory, his criticism and his political abilities.


The topic of today’s debate is “Government educational institutes are better than private institutes.” I will speak in the favor of notion.

I know many eyebrows will raise, many foreheads will frown and many mouths will gape when they hear this statement. But this is not a blind statement, rather it is a statement supported by many logistics.

Number one, feasibility of government institutions. Two, more experienced faculty. Three, better discipline. And, finally, the fact that Pakistan is a developing country so it’s hardly imaginable that its entire population would attend private schools.

Mr. President, my beloved friends are emphatically emphasizing the private institutes are better than government institutes. Say they’re correct. I question them – why should only a selected group of people, with blank checkbooks at their disposal, are admitted to private institutes? The answer is very simple. Private institutes are not for common population. They provide education, which besides being grossly expensive, is only for a selected group of elites. Whereas, on the other hand, government institutes provide far less expensive, good education to every class, to every branch of society.

My friends accuse me for presenting only hypothetical details, so I will enlighten them with the statistics provided by the study undertaken by Pakistan Education Board, in the year 2007-08, in which it was found out that 27.5 million children are enrolled in schools all over the country. Out of these, Mr. President, a staggering 19 million attend government schools while only 9 million attend private institutions. So what does this mean? Two-thirds of all students attend government institutions!

My friends argue that private institutions impart more conceptual education. I refuse, I reject, I deny these arguments because in the end, it all depends on the student, regardless of the institute in which he studies and regardless of the environment in which he learns. Because a student who is determined to succeed, will succeed in any institute whether government or private and a student who is keen to waste his time, will waste it in any institute whether government or private.

However, I do not say government institutions are the best. Indeed, a lot of time and work is needed to be put into them. But I strongly condemn this barrier that separates the private institutions and the government institutions. Because, we’re studying the same curriculum, we’re being taught by the same teachers, we’re being imparted with the same concepts! Then why this discrimination?

Think about it!

Thank you.

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15 thoughts on ““Government institutions are better than Private institutions!”

  1. Hira Khalid says:

    nice debate.
    congrats on winning!

  2. Anas Shafqat says:

    Thanks :]

  3. LVII says:

    “it all depends on the student, regardless of the institute in which he studies and regardless of the environment in which he learns. ” well with the first part.. well thats an exceptional case.. as for the second part environment DOES matter a lot…

    and as for the rest of the debate..
    with the exception of a few famous elite school and their branches… the rest of the private schools which could be seen in every street and particularly these acaedemies… which could also be considered as private instituions.. they are pathetic.. their standards are very low.. infact.. leme correct my self.. they have no standard…exceptions are there… always are… BUT upon these exceptions could we make up our conclusions…??? NO.. mr. president we are talking about the masses… :p

  4. LVII says:

    and u won damit… i wantie a treat XD

  5. Dev!l says:

    @anas told u to do what is hard xD:P i m so proud xD:P

  6. Dev!l says:

    lmao that reminds me of my debate xD:P kabhi yaad raha tou upload karun ga xD:P though would have to write it again xD:P deleted the original xD

  7. Anas Shafqat says:

    @ LVII – Lol, yeah sure 😀 come to hyderabad 😛 treat mil jaye gi :p

    And, I’d to create some punchlines. So I used the environment wala part. I agree with the rest of what you wrote :p

    @ Devil – Thanks :] and lol, I would like to see it! Do upload it!

  8. Dev!l says:

    lol ok sir xD will for u xD:P

  9. Anas Shafqat says:

    Congrats broda 😉

  10. M. M. says:

    That was nicely argued. I almost side with you. 😛 I rated it ‘good’ (:
    And you won? :S

  11. Anas Shafqat says:

    I got third 😀 which is not 2 bad 😛 and thanks 😀

  12. M. M. says:

    Congrats. That ain’t bad at all. 😛

  13. Anas Shafqat says:

    Yeah, I know 😀 It had bin quite some time, since I’d last participated in a debate … so I wasn’t even expecting a third 😀 BUT I won anyway :p So yay :p

  14. M.Ammar owaiXee says:

    today i gave this speech in my college and won second prize… thanks

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