Following is the comparative account of a writing, rewritten three
times, in four grades :p They amused me so here they are —

8th Grade —

It was a glorious day. Sun shone brightly and light breeze blew. Wispy clouds could be seen on the sky as the gulls swerved and flew amongst these clouds. The waters of the Thesis glittered as Sun’s scorching rays fell on the Thesis. The majestic river flowed slowly as though it had become lazy because of Sun’s warm rays. It cut its way across Dharoab Mountains, towards Carminha. Small fishes could be seen swimming across Thesis’ lazy waters. Its banks were covered with palm trees which were inhabited by the native monkeys. Sunflowers grew abundantly on the rivers banks and their daintly petals went with the river to Carminha. This river had seen bloodshed and events but as it flowed across the Bastion of St. Aldain it waters too went still as though of fear. As it passed the residence of King Aldain, it could see its mighty walls and towering windows. It crept slowly until it reached —-

9th Grade —

The majestic river floated along the Dharoab Plateau. Its course
slanted from the Dharoab range and ended at the Bay of Cafu. Along its course, it sometimes became fast and sometimes slow, sometimes it became shallow and other time deep. Rocks bedded the river and shells could be seen on the river bed. It passed great fields and mighty mountains but still there was no one able to stop the mighty river. It flowed along crossing every obstacle that came in its way. This river had seen great wars and gay festivals. It had seen brother killing his own brother, the difference between rich and poor and the discrimination amongst the people. It had seen bloodshed, sacrifices of animals, the ways which superiors treated their inferiors. It had seen huge fortresses and bastions, grand churches, magnificent palaces, —–

10th Grade —

As the majestic river flowed through its slanting course, rocks
crumbled from the overgrown banks of the Thesis. Thesis, the River of Majesty had been flowing for more than thousand years, the soul of land; without its pure waters, the living beings scattered about its course, would have long perished. Yet it still flowed, teeming with freshwater salmon. Thick, outgrown palm trees grew at its banks, housing the native monkeys which had inhabited the banks of the Thesis since it began to flow. As the great river crept past by, varied landscapes surrounded its course through the Dharoab Plateau. The fronds of huge ferns and brittle long grass could be seen growing in the Forest of Aldittles —-

11th Grade —

It was a bright morning. Clouds had gathered in the sky. Sun had
brightened up the atmosphere. Flowers had bloomed and everything was refulgent with the purity of spring. Thesis flowed without any obstacle in its course. It banks were liberally coated with palm trees. These trees were long inhabited by the large orangutans, known as “Ootangs” in the region of Axminisia —-

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15 thoughts on “Thesis

  1. Hira says:

    i dun think there ne way left 2 describe a river!

  2. Dev!l says:

    except oh look river, trees oh mountains ohhh CHEESE XD EAT XD YUMMXD

  3. Anas Shafqat says:

    @ Hira – Lol, yea – so if any time in your life you have to describe a river, contact me :p m a pro at it :p

    @ Waleed – Thank God you didn’t jump from cheese to pizza 😛

  4. Dev!l says:


  5. Hira says:

    yea no kidding!
    what possesed you to write so many descriptions of a river anyway???

  6. Anas Shafqat says:

    @ Devil – No pizza hea, dawgie 😛 go at some other doorstep .. shoo shoo 😛

    @ Hira – Everywhere I was unsatisfied with it :p So I would rewrite 😛 and rewrite :p

  7. Dev!l says:

    aw u dun feed a heart broken child pizza?:P

  8. Anas Shafqat says:

    @ Devil – a) you’re not a child.
    b) child is basically used for the offspring of human beings. you’re not a human being. 😛

    P.S – Wow! m getting meaner 😛 M lovin’ it 😛

  9. Dev!l says:

    u know that is the msot sweetest thing anyone has said to me the whole day…

  10. LVII says:

    wow.. heart broken… lol

  11. Dev!l says:

    nah xD:P happy xD:P

  12. LVII says:

    lol sure kiddo.. XD

  13. Anas Shafqat says:

    @ Walu – Sweetest thing? -let down- and here I was thinking I’m getting meaner =( 😛

  14. Dev!l says:

    aww dun get ur hopes up xD

  15. Anas Shafqat says:

    hahaha :p my bad!

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