Seven Sins Stories – Lust – “Don’t go anywhere, please”

The blue pharmaceutical clock ticked twelve and Evan jerked awake.

The seven year old boy had sprawled on the couch; waiting for his parents to return and in waiting, had fallen asleep on the mauve velvet couch. The television was switched open on cartoon network and jingles were echoing across the corners of the room.

The echoes were mortifying to the little boy, and he soon succumbed into sobs.

It was always the same. He would wait. And wait. And they would not return.

Next day, they would promise that they would come back soon. And he would wait yet again. And wait more again. But they wouldn’t come.

Next day, they would bring him a present to mollify him. And they would promise again that they would return soon and spend some quality time with him. And gullible as he was, he would wait again. And wait more. He would sleep on the couch again. But they wouldn’t come back.

Next day, they would try to appease him by doting on him and would present him with a pack of chocolate. He would be very stubborn but then they would persist and he would take the chocolate. He would gobble the chocolate and hear them instructing the servants that they were going out for shooting again. And that they might be late. And he would wait. And wait till his back would hurt by crouching on the couch and his feet would get sore by pacing up and down. But they wouldn’t come and kiss him good night for once.

Next day, they would be off to a tour. No goodbyes this time. No promises this time. No barking instructions to the servants this time. No satiating him with rich presents this time. They would just make a call in mid day, informing that they were off to yet some other place in abroad for shooting and they might be there for a week and that he shouldn’t worry – the servants would fully take care of him. Click! and the call would end. And he would begin to wait again for the next call.

But no call would come. And he would be let-down.

They would return after a week, all peaked up and flushed in pleasure – they would have had spent a wonderful week in La-La Land or something – and as per usual they would not care as to how insipid, how sad the week of their son had passed.

But they would have brought some souvenirs to gladden his heart and he would be happy. For a while, that is: until they would yet again bundle into a car and leave. Making promises that he knew they wouldn’t fulfill, barking instructions to the servants in case they get late which he knew well they would, and already making up their minds to get him something good in the morning.

And then the monotony would recommence.

He would wait yet again to get disappointed yet again.


The green French vintage clock struck twelve and Evan’s eyes had no hint of sleep.

He was eight years old. And he was yet waiting.

He wouldn’t now sleep on the couch as he used to. He would instead clamber out of it, drag himself to his sumptuous bed and lie down. He would be much dejected and very much alone. He would bite his lips off as he would prevent himself from crying. But he would be futile. Tears would trickle down his cheeks and he would cry his heart out.

His cries would echo in the solitary room and he would be mortified once again. He would whimper. And he would cry more.

He would then brush his skinny hand across his eyes to quench the tears and would continue to gasp for air.

Once his breathing would stabilize, he would begin to conspire: as to how he could stop them from leaving him all alone, for making him wait for such long periods of time.

He would think of ingenuous plans which would force them to stay at home.

He would slice his hand on a jagged knife and blood would pour out. They would get frantic and would stay by him all day: only to leave at night, firing a few servants and instructing others in the course.

He would fall off the stairs and break his leg. They would be frenzied and would remain by his side all day and all night: only to leave next day abroad for a shooting, entrusting him once again to the care of a team of doctors.

And he would wait yet again to be disappointed yet again.


The mahogany Grandfather clock chimed one and Evan slid across the shadows that enshrouded his room into the luxuriously carpeted hall way.

The nine year old boy crept towards the kitchen, and barefooted, treaded slowly in the blinding darkness through the hallway.

He slinked into the kitchen and standing on his tiptoes, rummaged through the drawers until his hands closed on the thing he wanted. He pulled it out and in the moonlight creeping from the pantry window, metal gleamed momentarily.

Clutching the thing tightly, he walked out of the kitchen and headed towards his parents’ room.

He stopped at their room and took a deep breath. He was not hesitant and slowly opened the door of his parents’ room.

The door creaked slightly and he held his breath. But his parents’ didn’t stir. They had been lulled into deep sleep by exhaustion.

Temptation reigned strong in his blood and desire for love had galvanized the very cells of his body, as he walked towards the master bed. The yearning for parental love had made him pull out the most extraordinary ways to draw his parents’ attention – but the craving had now culminated into something more intense, something more sinister. Neglect had cloaked his heart in darkness – and his innocence had become bait to evil. Not that he was sullied in anyway: but he had opened his chest to the most odious schemes to make his parents stay at home.

He was deluded in his thirst for love, his psyche only motivated to achieve what he desired. Love had churned such a lust in his body that his mind now only registered plans to keep his parents at home. Lust it was, as it preyed on his gullibility and butchered whatever remaining innocence he had left in his chaste soul and had stimulated a storm that induced in him the fervor to execute the plan which would gain him his long-yearned desire of love.

Evan slowly ambled towards the master bed, on which his parents slumbered, blissfully unaware of his presence. He reached the foot of the bed and slowly climbed onto the bed into the space ensconced between his parents. His mother groaned softly in her sleep, as the mattress sunk down with his weight.

His eyes glinted in the moonlight-lit room. He had virtually halted breathing, until his mother after shuffling for a bit, settled once again into heavy sleep.

Evan let go of his breath and pursed his lips determinedly.

He raised the sharp knife that he clasped in his hands, which gleamed ominously as it reflected a moon-beam – it emitted a malevolent aura.

Lust had completely consumed Evan’s soul – and with its prompting, he crashed the knife he held into flesh and blood splattered on the rich matte walls of the room.

Blood-curdling screams echoed through the regal mansion.


“How ironical that Nathan and Susan Blake who had announced last night at the Oscars, that they would now only undertake one project a year so that they could properly care for their child are dead – the very same child slaughtering them!” the newscaster solemnly commented.

His partner nodded gravely and remarked,” Ironical indeed, what you say, Leighton. Police reports also say that the child was found to be continuously repeating– “You won’t go anywhere now. You won’t leave me again now!” as he kept stabbing his parents with a long knife. Police believes the child to be mentally off-balanced.”

Leighton shook his head slowly – to express his misery and disbelief at the fatal event that had occurred.

To kill to prevent his parents from leaving him alone, amazed Leighton very much.

He now understood – why lust was one of the deadly sins.

It was deadly in love.

And in neglect.


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34 thoughts on “Seven Sins Stories – Lust – “Don’t go anywhere, please”

  1. Hira says:

    nice story as always. poor child. but i think atleast d age ov 11 wud b more appropriate.
    had spared enough tym 2 tell him dat wud wud take no more den 1 project a yr dis wudnt hav happened!
    its sad n depressing bt i asked 4 sumat horror plz write sumat horror!!!

  2. Dev!l says:

    do what the lady asks anu xD:P u know u want to xD:P

  3. Anas Shafqat says:

    @ Hira – Well .. 11 year old is a age when a child begins to become more sensible and a sensible child won’t murder his parents. That’s why I chose a younger age.
    I would write something horror, you just have to be patient! 🙂

    @ Waleed – You betr shutup :p

    • Hira says:

      a child has no sense ov self till d age of seven so he can nt DEMAND attention till d arnd 8 so killing his parents for neglecting him arnd 9….dats y i said 11 wud b betr. i guess wat he watches on TV wud mater alota aswell if he were watchn violence den he cud hav killed at dat age bt since u made it clear dat he watches cartoon network dat cnt b d case :p
      so i wud call d child deranged nt desperate :p
      either way its sad though.

  4. Anas Shafqat says:

    He can demand attention if he is not getting any attention! And he strted pulling off weird stunts by da age of 8 – wen he did get sense. And wen was 7 he used to wait for them so that he could spend some time with them.

    In addition to that, I daresay you would’ve noticed that the clocks are getting expensive and better year by year – signaling that his parents had gotten busier year by year too. That shoved him to desperation.

    • Hira says:

      either way!
      a child ov dat age jus dznt get dat sorta ideas
      evn at 8 d stunts he z pulling dey sound more lyk a gothic rebellious teen rather den an 8 yr old.
      hw mny 8 yr olds do u knw who hav suicidal tendencies????
      wat u r saying z possible bt nt at dis age!

  5. Anas Shafqat says:

    Suicidal tendencies would come in mental derangement. And child was mad, you know. Lust makes a person mad! My point was that.

  6. Hira says:

    did u nt read comment b4 last:
    so i wud call d child deranged nt desperate!

    i still think d age z nt rite thou bt its ok ur story ur choice ov age :p

  7. Dev!l says:

    @anu aww come on i m just saying xD:P *ahem ahem*

  8. LVII says:

    well anas.. the lady is right… the age seems inappropriate… or let’s say i agree with you that the age is fine… then i’d say the mad, psycho or desperate mental state of the boy should have been elabored more.. and secondly.. he is a seven years old.. ‘kid’ whilst his parents are physically more strong… n lets say he succeeded in stabbing or injuring one or even both… it takes some time for a person to die that way… there is a huge chance that one of the parents might have reacted..retalliated… and stopped the kid unless u say they had been knocked unconscious by ny means whtever they may be….Other wise… nice vocablury… some very nice sentences…

  9. Dev!l says:

    btw funny story XD at first i thought by shooting u meant the literal safari shooting xD:P

  10. Anas Shafqat says:

    @ Waleed – Haha don’t tell me? :p well its good to know that you found it funny when it wasn’t meant to b funny o.o

    @ LV11 – Hmm. What was the point of this story?
    a) Lust,
    b) How it can push us to do things we normally won’t,
    c) How desire can ruin one’s life,
    d) Why Lust is one of the deadly seven sins and,
    e) What are its consequences?
    The story answers to all these questions :]

    Your queries: a) Where did the boy get the strength? As I said, Lust makes a person mad with desire. Mad. Deranged. And you would perhaps know that when a person is mad, he is more powerful than ordinary people – he possesses great physical strength. Similarly in this case. Tha child had been driven to his limits – he became mad after that.
    b) His age – well I thought Lust had been always associated with elder people and more in sensuous terms. I wanted to put forward it in another perspective. A lustful child.
    c) I mentioned parents were in heavy sleep. And I also mentioned the child kept stabbing. I also mentioned that child has become strong.
    So that solves all your queries 😀

    But I appreciate the comment :p It amuses me that people have so closely read my story!

    @ Hira – Well, look at ans. to LV11 :p you would get your answers too :p
    Lol, I could’ve said that to you, but I’m too polite to my readers, unfortunately :p

  11. LVII says:

    wot? m not ur reader.. u meanie…. it sounded as if u were sayin “I could’ve said that to you, but I’m too polite to my readers, unfortunately :p ‘especially if she’s a girl’… ” ;P

    and well its LVII not LV11… XD and one more thing It amuses me TOO that people have so closely read and responded to my comment… XD

  12. Anas Shafqat says:

    lol, LVII 😛 I said that to Hira when she wrote “ur story ur choice” :p and I meant ke I could’ve said that to her that it was my story and my choice but unfortunately m too polite to my readers :p

    Don’t take things on yourself :p And of course I had to comment on the comment carefully 😛 I had to solve your queries 😛

  13. Dev!l says:

    nae hira ka dil mat tor anu xD:P

  14. Hira says:

    anas just how strong cn a nine year old get evn when driven mad!
    and parents in deep sleep ok not waking up when stabbed the first tyms no reaction 4m d 1 who wasnt i mean ok deep sleep bt anyone wud wake up if d person beside dem screams in agony!
    i agree wid LEVII on dat point!

  15. LVII says:

    UHH HERA wd an E might sound same.. but its LVII.. 57… roman.. 😛

  16. Hira says:

    forgive me LVII**

  17. Anas Shafqat says:

    @ Hira – Just consider the child to be a medical miracle, that he possessed super-human strength and that his parents were doped :p That solves all the matters now :p

    @ LVII – Why 57? O.O

  18. Dev!l says:

    Is ko bachpan mein sab pyaar say kaka bulatay thay xD at that time the brazillian kaka was making his debut and used to wear a 57 jersey xd he took that name in memorandum of that xD

  19. Hira says:

    ok in that case the scenario qualifies! lol

  20. LVII says:

    sureee mr.i-m-such-PHUnny-lil-joking-beep ;p

    well.. just a random number…

    ty.. i really appreciate that

  21. Anas Shafqat says:

    @ Hira – yay 😛 I shud’ve done dat before :p

    @ Waleed – Wow! that’s a long story 😛

    @ LVII – I believe you :p but why specifically 57? 😛 kuch tou reason hone chaiye .. and when I ponder over that! lo! walu’s answer seems very believable :p

  22. Dev!l says:

    that is his college roll no.
    yep a v long story XD

  23. Anas Shafqat says:

    Ahan! but why wud he keep his college numbr? 😛 he’s dat fond of his college? 😛

  24. LVII says:

    not really… its just a number… just too random to be discussed

  25. Dev!l says:

    aww someone is acting mysterious… m dark love me love m dark xD lol;

  26. LVII says:

    lmao… u kno we love ya… stop acting like a retard

  27. Dev!l says:

    i was talking about u xD

  28. Anas Shafqat says:

    hahaha 😛

  29. LVII says:

    sure if u perceive that sentence ur way i.e ^^

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